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Jill Lebeau, MFT

Jill Lebeau is the Author of Feng Shui Your Mind and a Living in the Flow Coach. Although she is a certified therapist, Jill’s clients and followers believe her law of attraction and flow principles transcend traditional “therapy”. The challenge was to rebrand Jill to convey her high-vibe energy therapy style with a warm bohemian flare. Visit Jill’s new website here.


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“Creating a website doesn't exactly show up on my list of the top 10 things I love to do. This remarkable woman offers a beautiful tapestry of amazing talents - artistically gifted, tech savvy, great listener, intuitive, dedicated and fun - which is exactly what I wanted to experience. It is almost complete and as it was being created, not only was I thrilled to see the vibrant colors that flow throughout the website, just as I imagined them, the selection of images Mashell lovingly created combined together creating perfect reflection of my services. She actually captured the essence of my Soul Signature! Each time I look at the website, I feel so blessed, feeling all of the love, presence and stellar artistry Mashell whipped up. And did I mention that she is a creative genius?!”

-Jill Lebeau, MFT, Spiritual Psychotherapist & Author