Branding, Illustration, Web Design

Joshua Tree Place

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Scope of Work

Joshua Tree Place is a vacation retreat minutes away from Joshua Tree National Park in Joshua Tree, California. Native cottontails and jackrabbits run wild through the 10 acres of Joshua Trees in front of the property. This unique home is close to downtown and still provides the feeling of being right in the park. 

The branding strived to reflect the abundant wildlife and whimsical nature of the home. I took a spin on the mythical jackalope creature (a rabbit with antelope horns) for the logo. The whimsical mascot is used to give guests a special piece of memorabilia from their stay in the form of tote bags, coozies, and notebooks.

A website design was needed to help spread the word about this special place, promote workshops, and link to the Airbnb platform for booking a stay.

Project Timeline: 2018 - 2019

Responsibilities: Branding, Illustration, Web Design (Squarespace)

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