Product DESIGN (2018 - 2019)

The Hub. was created for architectural clients to follow their project from initial bid all the way to their project completion.

When they needed a designer to help take their abstract idea and bring it to life, I was brought on as the Lead Product Designer. From initial research to wireframes to visual design, the Hub’s MVP was finally launched in 2019.

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Joshua Tree Place


Joshua Tree Place is a vacation retreat minutes away from the Joshua Tree National Park and nestled along a 10 mile corridor of Joshua Trees, wild animal life, and views of the high desert mountains.

A branding identity and website was needed to help spread the word about this special place. The challenge was capturing the home’s whimsical style within the branding and website. The final branding was used on totes and koozies for visitors to take home a souvenir from their visit to Joshua Tree.

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Kodaro is a state-of-the art software company that tags, monitors and makes sense of energy data in real-time for building owners of all size. Their software allows buildings to run more efficiently and save owners on their bottom line.

When the Kodaro team needed marketing collateral to pitch this technology, I partnered with them to create a brand, sales presentation, and website design that would position Kodaro as a leading technology company in the IOT space.

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Design Everest

BRANDING & Marketing (2016 - 2017)

Design Everest is a leading supplier of engineering and architectural design services for residential and commercial construction in California. The company prides itself on providing high-quality engineering services on schedule and within budget. 

When their company started to expand throughout California they needed a cohesive brand to match the ever expanding direction of the company. The final design helped Design Everest position themselves as leaders in the structural engineering space.

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Product & UI Design (2015 - 2016)

Lytmus wanted to change the way companies hired font-end and back-end engineers. They built an engineering testing platform with a real-world coding environment so hiring managers could easily test skills in a wide range of coding languages.

As they grew, I worked with the team to create a quick branding suite, a UI refresh, fixes to UX issues, and a landing page that communicated how Lytmus works.

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